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Healthy Holiday Gift Guide 2023!

Here are some unique & health centered gift ideas for this holiday season!

- Morpho Wellness Health Coaching: Give yourself or your loved one thee most precious & priceless gift of all time... VIBRANT HEALTH & ENERGY!

High touch 1:1 Accountability Coaching including customized fitness programming, flexible nutrition protocol, emotional & spiritual practices, non-toxic living guidance, community building & SO MUCH MORE! Email me at or message me on Instagram @_bodybykeri_ to transform your life mind, body, & SOUL just in time for the New Year! This is truly the gift that will keep giving back to every aspect of your life.

- Corefirst Pilates at Home Training System: This plush & posh system revolutionizes Pilates, stretching, strength, cardio & more! FROM 11/13 TO 11/19 FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE. This week all band or kit purchases will receive 30% off and get the Circle Bands for FREE! This gift will automatically be added to your cart at checkout. Happy shopping! Click HERE to get my fav at home Pilates Workout Kit!

-Medicinal Mushroom Capsules: Interested in microdosing or learning more about functional mushrooms? My friend started this company and grows only organic mushrooms with the intention of spreading healing. Great for creativity, boosting energy, relieving anxiety/depression & more. Use code: keriluce (all one word, all lower case) in discount code at checkout Click HERE for 20% OFF of my fav Mushroom Supplement!

- 2 Piece Workout Outfit: I bought this seamless & ribbed outfit in 4 colors already...absolutely OBSESSED! Click HERE for my new fav Workout Outfit!

- Rachaels Good Eats Cookbook: Easy, laid back, nutrient rich recipes: Click HERE for my fav Cookbook

- Clean Beauty Holiday Gift sets: Clean & cute makeup bundles?! Yes please! Click HERE for my fav Clean Beauty Brand

- Live Plants from The Sill: Plants make people happy! Click HERE for my fav Gift Guide for Plant Lovers

- Dream Catchers: These are all just SO gorgeous & add the perfect protective touch to any bedroom! Click HERE for to check out Etsy's Dreamcatcher Shop

- Super Soft XL Heating Pad: Share the gift of relaxation & warmth this winter. Great to soothe sore muscles! Click HERE for my fav Heating Pad

- Cast Iron Cookware for Stove & Grill: Cast iron is the best non-toxic cookware. Bake cornbread, make the best pancakes, or sear the best meat with cast iron! Click HERE for my fav Brand of Cast Iron Products

- BloomTV Subscription: Basically the Netflix of HGTV meets Food Network but all things floral :-) ! Gift the backstage pass or Lifetime subscription to enjoy this network that is bringing entertaining & educational recipe videos, medicinal flowers, floral DIYs, gardening tips & tricks, floral design & SO much more. I am honored to be an expert for BloomTV! Click HERE to watch my floral cooking shows!

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