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About Keri


Hi- I'm Keri! I grew up in a big loving family in Chicago.

I love plants, animals, cooking, quantum physics,

the sun, and I am endlessly fascinated by the human body!

I studied Biology & worked in the Pharmaceutical Industry- where I saw with my own eyes, what was actually sickcare...

not "healthcare". I felt that so many of the diseases & issues

I was seeing in patients could have not only been prevented,

but completely reversed by better lifestyle choices & exercise.

 I left big Pharma to pursue becoming a personal trainer,

so I could truly change people's health & lives hands on.

In 2016, I moved out to Colorado, which showed me that

getting out into nature & having a clean lifestyle is incredibly transformative. The fresh air & incorporating more yoga, meditation, & breath work took my energy, clarity & stamina to another level. I dived further into the world of natural health by enrolling in Herbalism courses in Boulder, CO-which reiterated that healing medicine comes to us as gifts from Mother Earth.


In 2021, my soul was drawn to the magical powers of the rainforest and I sold most of my possessions &

headed to Costa Rica to continue on my divine path 

learning even more about plant medicine & energetic healing.


Hippocrates (known as the "Father of Medicine") famously said "Let food be thy medicine, & medicine by thy food". Nowadays, we are exposed to so many chemicals in our daily lives & so much toxic junk out there is being falsely marketed to us as food- but it is actually making us sick. My goal is to help you raise your vibration & build a strong immune system by harnessing your own innate healing abilities through the power of our planet!


Mother Earth is filled with what our bodies need for optimal balance, nourishment, strength, & satiation.

Focusing on natural foods & eating for VITAMINS & MINERALS

(not just thinking about the typically talked about protein, fats, & carbs)

truly electrifies & transforms the physical body from the inside!

Engaging in all sorts of physical exercise, play, stretching, & meditation is vital for robust energy levels & vitality.

Also prioritizing time for stillness, breath work, prayer, & gratitude reflection helps keep your chakras aligned

& your mindbody in happily functioning coherence! 

Your diet is not only what you eat...Be mindful of the things you put into your body physically, emotionally, & spiritually.

Drinking filtered water, using nontoxic products in your home, & eating organic, non processed foods

(mostly fruits & veggies) reduces your risk of disease & illness. Spending time barefoot in nature, getting sunshine,

fresh air, and looking at the moon & stars truly supports overall harmony. 

I use flowers, herbs, spices, superfoods, & mushrooms

as support & medicine which has a profound impact on quality of life, energy, longevity, vitality, & radiance!



Personal Training

General Wellcare

Healthy cooking

Vegan Nourishment

Vitamins & Minerals

Plants & Superfoods

Herbs & Spices

All natural lifestyle

Improving overall mood

Increasing energy

Non toxic products

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