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Get in 5-10 minutes of light stretching/yoga and then do 2-4 rounds of these exercises all in a row! You can do it by reps or time- I’m here to inspire movement ideas but make this your own!

1.) tap jacks (20 reps or 30 seconds)

2.) balancing leg abduction to side (15- 30 reps each side)

3.) low squat punches (30 seconds)

4.) alternating shoulder press (20-40


5.) lateral raise with front close (10-20 reps)

6.) deadlift squat into overhead press (10-20 reps)

7.) sumo squat w pulse

8.) single leg bicycle crunch each side

9.) leg Vs w center toe touch

Finish w 5 min of nasal breathing in shavasana …mind body & soul will be happy happy happy!

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