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Tropical Hibiscus Colada

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Just a few ingredients deliciously come together to instantly whisk you away into tropical bliss! Frozen pineapple is blended with coconut milk then topped with a fresh lime wedge & a heavenly hibiscus flower!

Hibiscus flowers and other parts of the plant are used to make medicine. Hibiscus is used for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, to increase the production of breast milk, and for skin health as well!

Hibiscus is rich in carotene, riboflavin, anthocyanins, ascorbic acid, niacin, calcium, iron and vitamin C.

Egyptians used hibiscus tea to lower body temperature, treat heart and nerve diseases, and as a diuretic to increase urine production. In Africa, tea is used to treat constipation, cancer, liver disease, and cold symptoms. Pulp made from the leaves is also sometimes applied to the skin to heal wounds.

Hibiscus tea is commonly found at most grocery stores which is beneficial for your health as well, but there is something magical about using the whole flower sometimes too!


- 2 cups fresh frozen pineapple cubes

- 1 can organic coconut milk (I use full fat & NO guar gum!)

- fresh lime wedges

- fresh hibiscus flowers

Add frozen pineapple cubes & can of coconut milk to high speed blender (nothing beats the HERE for the one I use!) Top with lime wedge & hibiscus flowers!

You can find the fresh edibles flowers you get delivered HERE ! Love this company!

Peace & Blessings!


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