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Here are some of my favorite healthy gifts ideas! Keep extra mind to support local businesses & service people when possible this holiday season!

- Subscription to BloomTV Network: Basically the Netflix of HGTV meets Food Network but all things floral :-) ! Gift the backstage pass or Lifetime subscription to enjoy this network that is bringing entertaining & educational recipe videos, medicinal flowers, floral DIYs, gardening tips & tricks, floral design & SO much more. I am honored to be an expert for BloomTV! CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT LOCAL!

- Dried Edible Flowers & Buds: I love using these dried flowers in my recipes like in my episodes on BloomTV :-) This box includes Jasmine, Rose Petals, Lavender, Marigold, Chamomile, and Pink Rosebuds which gives you a variety of options for cooking, cosmetics, & decorations! CLICK HERE

- Viori Shampoo & Conditioner Bars: My favorite Shampoo & Conditioner bars that are plastic-less & are rated 0 on the Think Dirty platform -the bars are made with ingredients are free of harmful substances to you & the planet. I love the citrus Yao & hidden waterfall scents! CLICK HERE

- Herbal Sexual Vitality Kit: by Bridgets Botanicals which includes Ignite Botanical Extract, Sexual VitaliTea, Arousing Aromatherapy, Pounce Powder & Organic Lovely Lubricant! Bridget is awesome & her companies mission is inspire the vibrant health of people and our planet. Her vision is a culture of well-being through high-quality, accessible, fun, and personalized botanical solutions. CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT LOCAL!

- Subscription to Marysia Do Magic Yoga App: My favorite yoga app that my friend Marysia poured her heart & soul into that includes meditations, a yoga library, hundreds of classes of all levels, & some of my favorite CORE WORKOUTS! She is the Handstand Queen but is an all around stellar yoga teacher. CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT LOCAL!

- The Sill Real Plant Delivery: Plants make you happier, period! I love this mini money tree which is easy to take care of and has good prosperity vibes! CLICK HERE

- Vedic Astrology Reading & Mala Beads from prayermala: Sarita owns my favorite shop in Denver, CO called Tibet Imports. Her store is filled with good vibes & her mala beads are amazing. Her Vedic Readings (she reads your birth chart) can be done locally at the Denver, CO storefront, or they can also be done over the phone. Check out her amethyst mala beads, so magical! CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT LOCAL

- Extra Large Gym/Stretching Mat: My favorite extra large gym mat for working out, stretching, & meditating. Makes at home workouts & yoga super comfortable. I love that they have a pink one! CLICK HERE

- Foam Roller: My favorite foam roller for myofacial release & self massage! The GRID can be used to roll through tight muscles, knots and kinks to reduce soreness and improve mobility. Great thing to have at home to help give the body some TLC!

- Granite Coated Fry Pan: I love this non stick (8 & 10 inch) pan better than teflon which is super toxic! I use this little fry pan to heat things up quickly because I do NOT use microwaves (they destroy nutrients in food & have harmful radiation) This stone-derived nonstick coating is PTFA, PFOA, lead and cadmium free which is ideal for healthier cooking. I only use cast iron, stone or enamel cookware. CLICK HERE

- Ceramic Knives: These knives are a kitchen essential for me! The best daily knives for cutting fruits & veggies. Everyone seriously needs these. Never needs sharpening!

Feel free to send me a message if you want to toss around more healthy ideas for whoever you need to get a gift for :-)

Happy Holiday Blessings!!


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