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Orchid Açaí Bowl

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Orchids are a known aphrodisiacs. This beautiful & medicinal flower is edible! They are one of the largest flowering plant families with over 28,000 species. The most well known orchid is actually VANILLA! This gorgeous bowl is packed with antioxidants from the açaí puree + the flowers!

Anthocyanins are colored pigments that act as antioxidants in our body (Anthocyanins are responsible for the colors, red, purple, and blue in fruits and vegetables. Anthocyanins have been reported as having the capacity to lower blood pressure, improve visual acuity, reduce cancer cell proliferation, inhibit tumor formation, prevent diabetes. These are also reported to have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial activity.

Orchids are high in minerals such as calcium & magnesium & iron!

You can order edible flowers HERE ! Love this company!



- 1 packet of organic frozen açaí puree

- 2 frozen bananas

- 1/2 cup organic frozen cherries

- 1 T organic hemp seed

- 1/4 cup organic raspberries

- Edible orchids, sunflowers, & violas


- Add açaí puree, frozen bananas, & frozen cherries to high speed blender (Using a Vitamix is best! I use this one:*****AMAZON****) with just enough water to process into a thick smoothie consistency.

- Have fun getting creative with the topping presentation! Do whatever your heart desires with the hemp seeds, raspberries, & beautiful edible flowers!

- Think a thought of gratitude for the magical beauty & healing powers of flowers then dig in!

Peace & Blessings!

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